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Ornament, Doll, Dancing Peony - Kenju, Hakata dolls

Ornament, Doll, Dancing Peony - Kenju, Hakata dolls

Feminine and soft appearance

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About pre-order item:This work is a made-to-order item. Although it is displayed as "in stock" on the item page due to system reasons, it takes time from the order date to delivery. After the order is confirmed, we will contact you with the estimated delivery date.

Size 200×250×H430(mm)
Material Clay
Accessories Presentation box
Production area Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Color Pink
Tag Peony,Flower,Kimono,Pre-order item
Craft Dolls and kokeshi>Hakata dolls
Usage Interior decos & ornaments>Dolls
Item code 028-003aa
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