Attraction of Takumi Japan


Traditional crafts produced in various regions of Japan range from items of high artistic and artistic value to daily necessities that combine functionality and beauty. Nourished by a long history and culture, and imbued with the skill and spirit of masters, Japanese traditional crafts are not only treasures of Japan, but also of mankind.

We at Takumi Japan hope that people in Japan and around the world will be able to encounter their favorite piece of art by handling and shipping rare pieces filled with the passion of masters to the world.

On this website, we will introduce crafts made with the utmost care and attention to traditional techniques, yet in tune with modern lifestyles and sensibilities, and while deepening communication with the craftsmen, we will convey information about the production areas, the craftsmen, the thoughts that go into their creation, and life with crafts in a variety of wise ways.

We hope to help you enjoy a higher quality of life, a more careful life, and a life that fills the hearts of everyone who comes in contact with our works of art.

Seven Advantages of Takumi Japan

1. Meet valuable artists and their works

We offer works by artists who are not usually associated with the online market, works that are not shipped overseas, and other works that are usually difficult to see or get.

2. Rare works

We handle a large number of rare pieces, including one-of-a-kind pieces and small stocks. We recommend them for your collection.

3. Discover the finest pieces

We have a number of pieces that are carefully crafted one by one by artists with excellent technique, individuality and attention to detail. They are perfect gifts for yourself or your loved ones.

4. Pieces made to order

We have many pieces that are only available by pre-order, or can be requested to be made even if they are out of stock, making it possible for us to make them for you.

5. Consultation and ordering available

Our Concierge Service can help you find and order the pieces you are looking for.

6. Live sales (irregular, available in Japanese and Chinese)

Participants can interact directly with the artists and Takumi Japan staff, and purchase rare works before they are posted on the website.

7. Safe delivery to countries all over the world

EMS (Japan Post Service) compensated delivery means you can order without worry even if your package is destined for overseas.

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