Story Of Takumi Japan


Hello, thank you for visiting Takumi Japan.

I am Lin, the founder of this site, and I came to Japan from China in 1995 when I was 26 years old, started working, and have been living in Japan for 28 years until 2023. And all this time until today, I have been sharing with the world the Japanese culture and beauty that I have experienced and discovered firsthand.

I still vividly remember the shock I felt when I went to a department store for the first time after arriving in Japan. I was so fascinated by the beauty of the products that I couldn't resist picking them up and standing on the interior decoration floor for a long time looking at them.

At the time, I thought that the porcelain, ceramics, tea sets, and other items I saw there were something you would see in a museum, like the collections of the Tang and Sung dynasties in China. But there they were, on the interior design floor of a department store. I was surprised to learn that traditional techniques and customs still exist in Japan to this day. Why are they still used in everyday life? Can ordinary people use them?"

This culture shock led me to realize that many things in Japan have come down from the lofty realm of art to the reach of the common person, and have become things that can be used in daily life, not just looked at, and I became fascinated by the unique Japanese aesthetic.

After my limited thinking broke through, I began to unearth the "treasures" of Japan. When Japan became open to the world as a tourist destination, I took a cue from the top department stores and other stores frequented by Japanese people and offered online shopping stores that offered convenient and affordable shopping for visitors to Japan from all over the world.

Later, when I learned that there were many traditional crafts made in Japan that could not be found in Japanese department stores, I collected more than 1,000 traditional crafts from all over Japan, including ceramics, lacquerware, metalwork, and woodwork, and introduced them as recommended hospitality and gift items for tourists visiting Japan from abroad.

We found that the "treasures" of Japan are the artists or craftsmen who put their sense of season, aesthetics, and soul into their works. The objects we hold in our hands are not just objects, but are like the children of these craftsmen, containing their warmth, thoughts, and energy. Therefore, I have decided to focus on discovering Japanese craftsmen and conveying their sense of beauty to the world.

When I myself use the craftsmen's works in my daily life, I can deeply feel both their functionality and beauty. They are not just things that make our lives more comfortable, but also things that give us a deep sense of joy and excitement every time we see or touch them, and we feel a connection with the work, the artist, and the beauty.

I now realize that finding beauty, feeling beauty, and living a lifestyle of "beauty in daily life, beauty in living" are the great treasures I have found in Japan. There is a saying in Japan, "A careful life makes a beautiful woman. As I have lived in Japan, my heart has become more sensitive, my sensitivity has become richer, and I have become a "beauty at heart" and have received so much goodness and beauty from the world.

I want to share this joy and beauty with you. That is why I created this website.

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