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Drinking vessel, Large sake cup, Kinuta celadon, Tenmoku shape, tea cup - Shinemon-kiln, Arita ware, Ceramics

Drinking vessel, Large sake cup, Kinuta celadon, Tenmoku shape, tea cup - Shinemon-kiln, Arita ware, Ceramics

Tenmoku cups with a wide variety of kiln changes

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Celadon porcelain is a type of pottery produced by reduction firing (firing with less oxygen), which produces a blue color from the iron-containing glaze. Among them, the jade-colored ware produced in the Longquan kilns in Zhejiang Province, China during the Southern Song Dynasty was called Kinuta celadon in Japan. In the past, Chinese emperors considered the clear blue of the sky after the rains had passed to be the best blue, and had their potters fire celadon in the Ru ware kilns, the official kilns of China. The deep celadon porcelain of the Shinemon kiln grows in taste the more it is used.
The shape "Tenmoku" comes from a vessel made in China. During the Kamakura period (1185-1333), Japanese monks who had studied at the temple of Tianmu Mountain in Zhejiang Province, China, brought back to Japan tea bowls called Tenmoku tea bowls, which were highly prized. This type of tea bowls had been produced in China in large numbers and at one time reigned on the throne of Chinese tea bowls, and is characterized by a low, small ring on the bottom, a mortar-shaped body and a neck on the mouth rim. The Tenmoku-shaped tea bowl by Shinemon, which is a smaller version of this bowl, is very popular.

Size Φ75×H45(mm)
Weight 185g
Material Amakusa porcelain clay
Accessories Wooden box, profile, cloth
Production area Saga Prefecture, Japan
Handling precautions *The colors, patterns, and shapes of each item may vary slightly due to the handmade process. The photo is an example. Please enjoy the unique beauty of each piece. *Porcelain products may crack due to sudden temperature changes. Please be careful not to heat or cool the product too quickly. *Color paintings and gilding may lose their color if washed too hard. It is recommended to wash with a soft sponge. *Some gilded items may turn black when heated in a microwave oven, so please avoid using them in a microwave oven.
Color Blue
Tag Sake cup,Tea cup,Kiln-change,Tenmoku,Celadon
Craft Ceramics>Imari/Arita ware
Usage Japanese sake supplies>Sake cups
Item code 020-008aa
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