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Tableware, Jujiro soup bowl, Black - Kawatsura lacquerware

Tableware, Jujiro soup bowl, Black - Kawatsura lacquerware

Durability and gentle luster by hana-nuri

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Kawatsura lacquer ware, a nationally designated traditional craft, is finished with a unique technique called "Hana-nuri", which is one of the representative bowls of Jujiro. Hana-nuri keeps the lacquer film intact and strong, and gives the bowl its original gentle luster.
The more you use the lacquer which is uniquely formulated for hana-nuri, the deeper the luster becomes and the more it enhances the dishes and drinks on the table. Please enjoy your meals not only with your sense of taste, but also with your sense of touch and the beauty of lacquerware.
Lacquer ware is much lighter and gentler on the palate than ceramic or glass ware, and even if you pour something hot into it, the heat does not transfer to your hands and it does not get cold easily.
This bowl has a higher base than most bowls, making it easier to lift, and its powerful impression makes it popular with men.

Size Φ120×H72(mm)
Weight 95g
Material Smoke-dried horse chestnut wood,Lacquer
Accessories Presentation box
Production area Akita Prefecture, Japan
Handling precautions Each item may vary slightly due to the handmade process. The photo is an example. Please enjoy the unique beauty of each piece.
Color Black
Tag Hana-nuri,Plain
Craft Lacquerware>Kawatsura lacquerware
Usage Dining & kitchen supplies>Bowls
Item code 032-001ba
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