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Flower vessel, Vase, Cinnabar - Shinemon-kiln, Arita ware, Ceramics

Flower vessel, Vase, Cinnabar - Shinemon-kiln, Arita ware, Ceramics

Jewel-like refined red color

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This masterpiece is a modern revival of the cinnabar glaze, a red vase enclosed by the Chinese emperors of the ancient absolute monarchy.
It is said that in ancient times, the Chinese emperors used cinnabar-glazed works to entertain their important guests.
Cinnabar glaze is a porcelain art with an extremely low success rate and there is even a saying, “Don’t fire cinnabar glaze if you want to be wealthy”.
The cinnabar glaze (copper glaze secret), which is also called jewel-red inspired by the vivid ruby color.
The clear, elegant and refined red color of Shinemon, which is reflected in the traditional white porcelain of Arita, is close to natural color and is called the most beautiful red in the world of ceramics.
A beautiful, transparent, calm and elegant ruby color, also known as jewel red.
The vertical shape makes it easy to place flowers, making it an ideal gift for loved ones.
The ruby color of Shinemon is full of mysterious power that raises the ‘airiness’ to a richer level when there is one in your living space.
Shinemon has revived the fantastic red vase enclosed by royalty in the past into the modern age.
It is an excellent work that will enrich your daily life while loving its unique colors and beauty of form.

Size Φ160×H255(mm)
Material Amakusa porcelain clay
Accessories Wooden box, profile
Production area Saga Prefecture, Japan
Color Red
Tag Kiln-change,Cinnabar
Craft Ceramics>Imari/Arita ware
Usage Interior decos & ornaments>Flower containers
Item code 020-039aa
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