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Flower vessel, Vase, Hollyhock - Imaemon-kiln, Arita ware, Ceramics

Flower vessel, Vase, Hollyhock - Imaemon-kiln, Arita ware, Ceramics

Iroe vase with elegant floral motifs

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Imaemon Kiln is recognized as an important intangible cultural asset and is highly regarded as an organization that maintains the "Colored Nabeshima" technique. In accordance with traditional techniques from the Edo period, the artisans knead clay, shape it on a potter's wheel, and fire it three times before adding underdrawings, glazes, and overdrawings. These processes, which are divided into several parts, are all finished by hand by the skilled craftsmen of each division of labor. The more we use it carefully, the more profound the red painting becomes, and the texture of the glaze like crepe calms people's mind and enriches it.

Size Φ90×H163(mm)
Material Porcelain clay
Accessories Wooden box
Production area Saga Prefecture, Japan
Color White ground
Tag Hollyhock,Flower
Craft Ceramics>Imari/Arita ware
Usage Interior decos & ornaments>Flower containers
Item code 012-075aa
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